About Us

About Us

Mediaschool  acknowledges the enormous influence Media has on an individual’s behavior and the society. Therefore, Mediaschool wants to influence media in a remarkable, constructive and positive way. We believe that the professional development of our applicants will lead to a positive influence on our society.

Mediaschool aims to prepare the applicants to pursue higher education in the media field, fulfill a function in the labor market or start as an entrepreneur.


Our programs are divided in sections, providing applicants the possibility to follow full programs or specific sections. After successfully completing a section, applicants receive a certificate. The completion of the entire program makes the applicant eligible for a diploma.

Students that join our Media School can be completely sure that they are receiving the best media education on our island.


We offer a full media program or you can choose amongst our individual courses. The duration of individual media courses is 8 weeks. Our complete media program has a total length of 24 weeks.


Our courses are given by the best professionals in the Media Industry here on Curaçao. They have degrees and have owned their skills through years of experience. Our students can rest assured that they will be thought only the latest and best quality of knowledge.


Many of our students are currently performing exceptionally in the field of Media here on Curaçao. Some of them are working for organizations within the media industry while others are developing their creative abilities as freelancer.


Media school recognizes the importance of practical knowledge when studying. That is why 70% of what is thought in classes is practical while the other 30% is essential complementary theory. This method of teaching has proved to be most successful in creating a solid foundation.