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Marketing & Media

Category: TECHNOLOGY Class Size: 12

Marketing & Media

ANG 625.00

In this technological era marketing and media are very much interrelated. Media is an integral part of every marketing strategy and creative communication. This 8 weeks course will focus on key marketing principles of the modern world and the students will gain thorough understanding on media and communication and acquire practical skills on how to use media in a marketing context.

Who is it for?

The Marketing & Media course is for those who want to thrive in the marketing business with their acquired media skills. It’s directed also to people who are working in marketing firms or departments and want to develop their knowledge within the marketing world and gain practical skills relevant to the media and marketing industry.Some of the key topics covered here are:

  • Marketing Promotion
  • E-Marketing
  • Media techniques
  • Media Research
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Media Power
  • Marketing Software