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Category: Photography Class Size: 8


Teacher: Harry Davelaar

This program offers a basic overview of what photography and the gigantic world of possibilities it entails. During this course you will learn how to take photos of professional quality and how to work your camera and using additional add-on equipment.

This  course is meant to help you master your digital camera. Learn the basic functions of your camera so you can begin to shoot in manual mode, capturing higher-quality images of the people and places around you. Experienced professional photographers will show you how to see the world like a photographer, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been taking photos for years.

Throughout the course, you’ll complete a series of photo projects that will help you practice the skills you are learning. Your teacher will work with you, reviewing your photos and helping you improve as you complete the program. By the time you finish, you will have the skills and know-how to take professional-quality photographs.

Who it’s for?

The Photography course is for those who want to make a name and career in the limitless world of the photography. Some of the key topics covered here are:

  • Digital cameras and equipment
  • Exposure and composition
  • Angles and lighting
  • Photo Editing
  • ISO & Aperture
  • Lenses & filters