Creative Media Week

Are you ready to rock at 2021 Creative  Media Week?

Media, audio and video production is a powerful art form. However, it can be tough for those who do
not find a way or a guiding light in Curacao to help their inner talent shine through. The Media
Bootcamp 2020 is a fun-filled workshop for photographers, designers, and media production
professionals that aims to provide dual benefit
1. Give you a national stage for showcasing your talent
2. Allowing you to meet other media professionals and help expand your network

If you have an eye for creativity, you can sign up today to book your seats.


The Right Platform to Put Your Media Passion on the National Map
Check out some ways in which you can gain more from the bootcamp.

  • Your talent is worthy of bigger audience. We give you the national-level stage to showcase your creativity
    By meeting other like-minded professionals, you become aware of what’s the latest trends in media production. Who knows? You might be able to convert your hobby to a full fledged career?
  •  The event also raises funds for Media School Curacao’s efforts to promote Media production work.
    Our free workshops and seminars at schools and organizations help attract creative talent to sharpen their skills and become good at what they do.
  • This way we can provide the right means for those blessed with good audio visual media production ability to thrive in the television and film
    making industry.

Got all fired up for the upcoming event? Then do take a moment to drop by with your donation. In case
you want to become one of the sponsors for the event, feel free to connect with us.

Watch some of the most amazing video highlights during the last years from 2013 till 2018


Some of the renowned names in the world of Media production in Curacao grace this annual event. The speakers are selected based on merits like their talent, experience and their efforts to promote photography and design in Curacao. Over 4 fun-filled yet intense days, you will get a once-in-a-lifetime
chance to see how you can let your creative dreams become a reality.
Sharpen your creative talent by signing up for this event today and listening to our keynote speakers.

Admission Cost

The Admission Cost  for this training is ANG 135,- for the whole week.  Cheques can be made payable to Mediaschool Curaçao

Awards Night

A week of intense learning needs to end with a groovy awards night Calling all creative designers and photographers to let their hair down after a grueling week of learning, sharing, exploring and discovering. The jazzy awards night is a fitting finale to the amazing event. All participants who have met all the requirements will be handed a glittering award as recognition of their
contribution to making the event a success.
Some of the main areas where participants will be evaluated include characteristics such as team work, quality and focus. The decision of judges will be based on strict criteria and will seek to encourage doing better and more creative work in the field of media production. The awards will also be a lifetime experience and remind winners that they are destined to prosper as media production professionals.
Even if you miss winning the award, there are so many new things you would have learned in the bootcamp – perseverance, working under pressure and being ready for a real profession. If you cross the 80% attendance mark, you will get a participation certificate and a medal as a memento of the great time you had at the Media Boot Camp 2020. We call out the family and friends of the participants to take part in the awards night and cheer for them and encourage them to take up media production as a full time profession in Curacao.