2 Months
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ANG 290

About this Course

Both film and television production industries employ animated graphics to create effect for the post production work. Solutions such as title credits, bumpers, logo animation and promotional materials are a part of Animated Graphic Designer’s profile.

Mix the distinct advantages of text, audio, video, sound and graphics to create visually stunning and aesthetic materials that create a compelling visual image of the movie or television series. Advanced topics such as 3D integration within After Effect software and keying and color correction is also taught in this 12 week course.

What to expect?

If you are a professional web or graphic designer and want to expand your technical acumen to Cinema 4D or After Effects, then this course is ideal for you. Some of the key topics covered here are :

  • Beginners’ guide to the various popular video and audio formats
  • Getting started with basic animation, presets and effects
  • Editing with shape layers, puppet tools, masks and transparency control in animation
  • Integrating animation to a multimedia presentation
  • Using keying and colour correction
  • Using and exporting 3D using After Effects software
  • Content and audio-video creation using Cinema 4D
  • Using industry standard softwares such as Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D for practical application
  • Using Adobe Dynamic Link to create seamless workflow
  • Video editing guidelines
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