Photography course

Digital Photography

2 months
Starting Date
October 4, 2023
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
ANG 195,- /pm
In Class

About this Course

This program offers a basic overview on how to take photos of professional quality and how to use additional add-on equipments. You’ll learn the basic functions of your camera so you can begin to shoot in manual mode, capturing higher-quality images of the people and places around you. Throughout the course, you’ll complete a series of photo projects that will help you practice the skills you are learning.

What to expect?

The Photography course is for those who want to make a name and career in the limitless world of the photography.  Your teacher will work with you, reviewing your photos and helping you improve as you complete the program. By the time you finish, you will:

  • have the knowledge of the capabilities of your camera
  • have understanding of the setting f-stop, ISO and shutter speed
  • have the skills to take professional-quality photographs
  • be able to achieve balanced composition by using different camera angles


No camera knowledge or skills is required to join the training. It is advised (not mandatory) to have a digital camera during this course.

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