Blind Typen

2 months
Starting Date
10 March 2022
6PM - 8PM
ANG 400

Touch Typing Training!

Improve your touch typing skills and learn how to type accurately and with speed with this unique touch typing course.

Some people can type rapidly without looking at the keyboard at all. Guess what? This is a learned skill gained through special exercises. Improving your touch typing ability will not only serve you for a lifetime but will leave your bosses and colleagues impressed too. With this touch typing course, you will learn how to focus on the text before you and type reflexively. Soon, you’ll be hitting the right keys without even thinking about it!

With our touch typing course, you will learn the exact location of every letter on your keyboard. Afterward, you will avoid typing errors and the speed of your typing will increase immensely.

You do not need any computer experience to access the touch typing course.

What to expect?

Touch typing will enhance your Computer skills rapidly. After finishing the course, you will start:

  • Typing faster and more accurately
  • Avoiding errors
  • Becoming more professional


No computer knowledge or skills is required to join the training. It is advised (not mandatory) to have your laptop during this course.

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