Web Design & Development

Event Description
Webdesign and Developing Course
17 Aug, 2020

During this program, you  will learn how to create attractive Websites that generate leads that will convert into real Customers. We will teach you all the secrets web design companies will never tell you.

Through this program you will get connections, coaching sessions, complimentary plugins, resources and access to our expanding online community. On top of all of this, when you complete the program you’ll be a Mediaschool Certified Web Developer.

This training is for everybody who wants to be able to create their own website in a professional way!

After following this training you will be able to:

– Create a professional website on your own.

– Install a variety of web elements: calendar, video gallery, image gallery, register form etc.

– Add and remove content; text and images

Please take a look at the list below for the topics that will be covered during the training.

Topics Covered 

– Domain, Hosting, Website Planning, Wireframing

– Content Management Systems, WordPress, WP Basic Features & Plugins

– Digital Design, Design Fundamentals,

– Installing WordPress, Customize Theme, Create Pages, Posts, Add content

– Working in with WordPress (content)

– Working in with WordPress (plugins)

Admission cost: 2X 350,-. a month