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When will the classes start

Please check the schedule page or click on the courses you are interested in. If by any chance you can't find it, please contact us at +5999 4626611

What is the duration of each course?

Individual courses last between 8 and 12 weeks. Please take a look at our course list for the specific duration of each course.

Can I choose more than one course?

Yes it is possible to choose more than one course, however there are some courses given on the same day and time. In that case, it would be difficult to follow both courses.

When is the deadline to apply for a course?

The deadline to apply for any Mediaschool course is 1 week before the starting day!

When I fill the application form, does it mean I am automatically accepted?

By filling the application form, you are partially admitted to the course. 100% admission is complete when you pay the registration fee.

How much do the courses cost?

Registration fee is ANG 150 and the monthly fee for each course is ANG 290. (The total amount depends on the duration of your selected course)


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