Photography Price Range

It is difficult to set a price range for a photographeas those prices depend on
circumstances and requests. In any case, I will try to help you understand the regular pricing in
Caribbean, especially in Curacao.
The most relevant factors that determine the value of the product are:

1. Quality
2. Gears
3. Experience


In Curacao, the hourly rate for a good event photographer is around 200ANG ($100). For that price, you
can get nice, edited photos via WeTransfer or other channels. There are also photographers that charge
more as they bring a second photographer with them. Two cameras can surely capture more things than
one and from many different angles. For that reason, the higher price is understandable and we surely
recommend having more than one photographer at your event.
There are also photographers that charge extra for photo editing. You should ask your photographer
beforehand if the edits come in the basic package or you need to pay additionally.
A professional photographer might give a service agreement contract, which normally portraits both
parties. Do not be lazy and read the full agreement before you seal the deal. In case there isn’t any
contract in place, you should ask for it. This agreement includes some relevant matters, such as the
cancelation policy.
You can also ask for a discount. In Curacao, there is a famous saying: “Nee je hebt ja je kan Krijgen”. It
means: “No you have, Yes you can get”. So ask! If you really like the work of your photographers and
they don’t offer you a discount, that shouldn’t stop you from working with them. Some extra cash
should not determine the quality of your photos. Whichever event it is, a wedding, birthday party,
photo-shoot, or anything else, the memories will stay with you forever. That is why hiring a media
professional that suits your needs and style is more important than the cost.
I had a very bad experience with a cheap photographer at my own wedding. You would think that could
never occur to me as a media person but it has. That is why now I am more experienced and
knowledgeable to offer valuable advice. You can read more about my experience here:
5 Crucial tips you need to know before hiring a photographer

At Media School, we are able to share with you a list of the best photographers that we work with and
trust personally. Please send us an email at and we will send you our top picks



Do not take any risks on your wedding day or any important event!. Hire a photographer/videographer that you absolutely trust.
Discuss the price carefully but don’t let it be the crucial factor for your decision.
If you need a list of the best videographers in Curacao, please send us an email at and we will send you our top picks shortly.