Project Assistant

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Mrs. Maduro

Project assistant

Getting a helpful, creative project assistant can be crucial for your project. At Media School, you can hire a capable assistant for any type of project, especially in the media field.

Since our staff is mainly made out of teachers, current students or  graduated students, the project assistant we provide to you will know exactly how to help you.

All you need to do is send us a request and description of your project. Let us know how many people do you need and we will send them to you on a specified date!

Our specialists:

    • Production assistant (PA)
    • Lighting Asst. (best boy)
    • Runner
    • Set photographer
    • Location scouting
    • Soundman (we obtain a professional equipment, skills and knowledge to be your field soundman for the next production).

If you need any other type of assistance, just contact us by filling this form (HYPERLINK). We will gladly help you!