Location Scouting In Curaçao

Curacao is truly blessed with all the natural beauties, which makes it a perfect place for all types of
media production projects. People all over the world come to our island to film on the exotic locations
and we definitely need to get the best out of it as well. If you need a production assistant in Curacao, we
have experienced professionals at your service. Only the most creative media experts can identify and
use the locations in Curacao in the best possible way. At Media School, we have a team of production
experts that you can truly rely on.

The fact that you can speak to us in English, Dutch, Spanish or Papiamentu makes it clear that we are an open-minded, diverse team of professionals. We know every part of Curaçao perfectly and that serves us to find the best locations for any type of media production;
being that a movie, commercial, video production, photo shooting or just any other project.
Media School offers:

  • Location Scouting
  • Location Permits
  • Research and Translation
  • Financial Administration
  • Production Management
  • Set Management

Media School is the #1 filming school in Curacao.

Our team works with prestigious organizations and individuals across the globe. We are able to provide a professional production assistant in Curacao to absolutely any organization. In addition, we have work with the international production crew, which
includes people from Europe, US, Suriname, and Africa!

We also have multiple graduate students and professionals that will happily work on set with you or work as your production assistants in Curacao.
Apart from being able to adapt to your project, Media school is also able to take care of the whole production for you.

Production  in Curacao is our specialty; you can hire us for location scouting in Curaçao,
commercial production in Curaçao, and just any other products that you may need.