AGO- Introductie Week

Project Description
Ago Comanche Straat Introductie Week

AGO Comanche Straat approach Mediaschool with the request of to be part of their Introductie Week. 

The purpose for the media training was for the school opening and mediaschool were there to motivate and do team building for them to start the school year motivated.

The requirements were as follow:

  • Training should be very practical
  • Students should be motivated to start the school year
  • Give a motivational speech at the start of the day!

As team we getter everybody together and has prepare the following trainings:

  • Story Telling Exercise   (to break the ice and work on presentation skills)
  • Create a ON SPOT short film
  • Tv Program

During that day the Students has accomplish the following:

  • Most students were present
  • They create their own rap for the school
  • they develop a tv program
  • and has create all the props for the stage design (in the craft classes)

Have a look at the after movies! 

SGO- Day 1

SGO- Day 2