Muchi Tera

Project Description
A 3 month-long intensive Marketing & Media training for those who are passionate about Social Media.

Muchi Tera

Project Description

A 3-month long intensive Marketing & Media training for Social Media enthusiasts.

Marketing & Media is one of the most popular and loved courses at Media School.

In order to finish this course, you should finish a challenge assignment.


Develop a real new product/service or organization, with a solid goal. This entail having a:

  • Logo
  • Branding Materials
  • Mission/Vision
  • The project should become viral within the first week of its launch.

The students receive an adequate preparation on:  

  • In Depth Marketing Training,
  • In-Depth Social Media Training
  • Sales techniques
  • Organization Management Training

To finish the course with success, the page should reach a minimum of 2000 likes within the first week (without using any paid promotion).

This project was a real challenge as they needed to brainstorm and plan everything strategically before executing it.

As a learning institute, we are very proud of the participants as they understand the real meaning of the Social Media. They managed to achieve the goals of the project and they know exactly how to conduct a social media marketing for any organization.