Peiki di mi Soño- Short Film

Project Description
"Play Time"

The short film "E peiki di su Soño"

Behind the Scene - Peiki di su Soño!

Set Protocol - In-Class Training. What are the different roles on set and how should you act in your role on set?

Short Film “Peiki di mi Soño”

During a 12 week training in Cinematography and video editing, the students had the assignment to write and produce their own original short films! We are amazed at the writing skills, production techniques, and cinematography skills.   The students were judged by our teachers and also by a professional filmmaker on the island.

Media school is proud to be part of these students’ creative journey and wishes them the best of luck with their further projects!

Students during a film set protocol practical assignment. This was their first time working with high-end professional film equipment.

Behind the Scene Photos  during the Production Day “Peiki di mi Soño”

Award & Certification night! 

We have celebrated the achievement of various course participants at the media school, these groups were video editing, web design and development, and cinematography!

We look forward to see you and celebrate with you at our next courses!

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