JPD- Team building

Project Description
Training @ Juan Pablo Duarte

Juan Pablo Duarte approached Media School with the request of providing a 1-Day Media Training.

The purpose for the media training was associated with the school opening week. Media School was there to motivate and do the team building training; In order to make  the start of the school year more motivational!

The requirements were:

  • Training should be very practical
  • Students should be motivated to be part of it.
  • Give a motivational speech at the start of the day.

As a team, we united our forces to prepare the following training:

  • TV program
  • Graphic Design
  • Audio Engineering
  • Craft & Painting

During that day, the Students accomplished:

  • Created their own rap for the school
  • Developed a TV program
  • Created all the props for the stage design (in the craft classes)

Most students attended the 1-Day Media Training

Take a look at the after movie!

Aftermovie - SGO