Shortfilm- Ultimo Dia

Project Description
Students working on a Shortfilm.

It is our pleasure to see the end results of films produced by our students.

This one in particular  was very remarkable, students were very involve and the result is amazing.

How it work?

In order for a group to make a short film, every student will give a 3 minute pitch of a film script.  And the students it self will be the judge of each other pitch.

For example we have a class of 9 students, 1  will give a pitch and the rest 8 should give him a grade. ( he cannot vote for him self).

the pitch with the highest grade will win. this mean that the author will be the director of the film and the other students will have a role in the film departments.

If you believe this was a exceptional short film, please share with everybody! 

Ultimo Dia