Buskando Amor -Short film

Project Description
Buskando Amor

The short film "Buskando Amor"

The Behind the scene of Buskando Amor. BTS students working on their final exam of the Video Production Courses @ the UDC

ShortFilm “Buskando Amor”

After an intense 7-week Cinematography training the students of the University of Dutch Caribbean did their final Exam which entails producing a professional short film.  We are amazed at the production skills and professionalism during the classes and the production. The students were judged by our teachers and also by a professional filmmaker on the island.

Media school is proud to be part of these students’ academic journey at the UDC and wishes them the best of luck with their further studies!


We would like to extend our gratitude to the Central Bureau of Statistics Curaçao (CBS) for providing the right information for this script!


AutoBusBedrijf (ABC)

We would like to thank autobusbedrijf Curaçao as well for sponsoring this project by allowing the students to use their bus.  This means allot for the final production.

The Team

Director:  Ghislaine Sint Jago
Assistant Director: Joantley Diwan
Casting Director: Chandra Alexander
Location Manager & Script Supervisor: Marelys Michel
Assistent Producer & Clapper: Radhiya Bitorina
Crafts & Service: Ricardia Godet
Art Director: Mellany Franca
Producer: Rosanna Bijlstra

Teacher: Mr. Welaart


Special thanks to ABC busbedrijf, CBS, Renaissance and the University of Dutch Caribbean (UDC)

Students during a film set protocol practical assignment. This was their first time working with high-end professional film equipment.

Script Breakdown, with the DP,  Film Director, Location Manager, Cast Director, and the Script Supervisor.


Behind the Scene Photos  during the Production Day “Buskando Amor”


As part of the final exam, each student should prepare a presentation about their role on set for this short film.  Everybody has passed this exam with a nice grade! We are truly proud of each of them!

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