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Spotlight - Success Story Alumni of Media School - Refeal

Discover How Refael Went From an Unamused Media School Visitor to Our Successful Graduate Cinematographer

This is Refael. He doesn’t like me telling the story on how we met him but I will share it anyway. 

Refael came to Media School with his school Juan Pablo Duarte for a team building day. It was an exciting day for all the students as we did many exercises in the field TV- Program, Story Telling & Cinematography. Everyone was having a lot of fun and it was a truly great event! At the end of the day, all students were asked to fill an evaluation form of the event. 

Refael was the only student that rated the event at our school with the lowest rate, 1. His reason behind that rate, as he told me later, was that he didn’t like to be in front of the camera a lot. Instead, he preferred staying behind the camera. Following that event (and his rate 1) we understood him and his personality better.

A week after that event, Refael sent us an application letter for the internship at the Media School, the same place he rated with 1. 

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We accepted him, of course. In fact, we were challenged to see what he has to offer and teach him everything about the media production. At the time, he was just curious about the media and did not have any previous knowledge. 

During the internship, Refael was very interested in learning and he, indeed, has learnt a lot. Following, we gave him an opportunity to join Media Bootcamp for free. Here, he involved his whole heart and put maximum effort into learning and showing his abilities. As he later stated, it was an extremely fun week for him. 

After finishing the internship, we started hiring Refael for small projects or we would ask him to assist our video production projects in Curaçao. He never declined our invitation. Rather, he was always happy to be on set with us and so were we.

Refael joined 2 courses at Media School, which helped him perfect his skills. 

Short-Film Weg’i Shushi – Cinematography Courses check is graduation video here. He worked as the main cameraman.

Project Much’i Tera – Marketing and Media Coursecheck the end production here. He worked as Cameraman and Video Editor.

Currently, Refael is one of the best Freelancers we know and we are extremely proud of him! During the course, he finally got the chance to demonstrate his potential.

He is young, creative, incredibly talented and does his job with a lot of joy. His love and passion for the media made him as great in the field and we are happy to help him do the job that fulfills him.

You may enjoy some of his latest work here:

Refael started his own company GTX Productions and works with many prestigious clients on the island, including Chobolobo, Pantilla Chica Production, Mauricia production, Selwyn de Windt Production and others.

Now, apart from advanced skills, Refael also owns professional equipment that allows him to do any types of media tasks. 

In front of the Media School, we all believe that Refael deserves to be given many chances to prosper as a media professional. 

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