Brianella den Spotlight!

Spotlight - Success Story Alumni of Media School - Brianella Hansen

From A Talented Alumni to a Media Specialist and

This is Brianella Hansen, she is a graduate student of Media School.

Brianella Hansen did Media and Communication courses at Media School and she is a specialist in Web Design and
Developing. In addition, she did an extra courses of Web Design and Developng, as well as Marketing
and Media Course at Media School.

Brianella Hansen performance during the courses was outstanding. She was a real talent that couldn’t go
unnoticed. For that reason, we hired her immediately after graduating and she was our respectable
colleague for almost 3 years.

Recently, Brianella decided to explore new possibilities and she started her own Web Design and
Developing Company, called B&H Creations.

During the years she spend at Media School, Brianella has created multiple websites for well-known
companies on the island, such as Autobusbedrijf, Kas di Kultura, Zona Kultural, Trabousosial, and others.
We are very proud of Brianella and we wish her all the best in the future. Our school supported her while
making this important step for her career and will continue to do so.

The success of our former students is the success of the school itself.

We are extremely happy to attend and teach so many talented people like Brianella.

If you need someone to build a niche website for you, we highly recommend B&H Creations. You can
email Brianella at

She is extremely talented, creative, kind and reliable, which you will understand when you hire her.
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