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Certificate and Accreditation

Media School is a non-accredited provider of private education, located in Willemstad, Curaçao. We tend to keep our courses affordable for all the students. Considering the high accreditation costs, we decided to proceed the existence of our school without accreditation as that would lead to increased enrollment costs. In the media industry, certification does not always play a crucial role. Instead, companies want to see what you can do when you apply for a certain position. The expertise of our teachers lead many former Media School students to prestigious national TV stations, independent production companies, newspapers, Radio stations, and other media companies. Some of our students also started their own companies and we will showcase some of these stories in our blog.  


We will help you build an outstanding portfolio, which will list all your production skills and achievements of the program you select; whether it’s graphic, animation, filming or any other course of your preference.

A powerful portfolio will show your talent and creativity to your future production company and that’s the most effective method of demonstrating your skills.

At the end of the course, you will receive a Media School certificate as a memoir of your accomplishments and motivation for your future endeavors!  


Studies Duration

The duration of every course is specified in the description of that course. For any additional information, please contact us.

Copyright and Use

Media School and/or our licensors reserve the copyright to all the content found on this Website, including images, animation, videos, text or audio files. You are allowed to display and retrieve content from this website strictly for a non-commercial, personal use.

You are not allowed to reproduce, adapt, store, distribute, print, perform, display or publish the content from this Website without our written permission by any means, in any form. You are also not allowed to commercialize the information, services or products that this Website obtains.

Media School reserves all the rights over this Website and all its content.

This website is built using WordPress, various elements of Ultimate Addons, WPBakery Page Builder, Custom CSS code and original images/ video of our Organization. An inspiration was taken from an international and local University website to create the base concept of this layout. All rights are reserved by the respective copyright owners.

The user (you) is responsible for the personal use of this Website. You are not allowed to use offensive or indecent language, to submit misleading, false, abusive, hateful or harassing material to the Website; to submit encrypted material, constitute junk email, conduct unauthorized advertising; to invade the privacy of another person; to encourage a critical behavior that leads to a criminal offence or violates any law or regulations on a local, state, national or international basis.  You are not allowed to use this Website for any purposes that go against the above-mentioned laws and you agree that you are aware that such unlawful utilization may lead to a criminal and civil liability.

Media School operates a “notice and take-down policy”. Therefore, we do not warrant to review all the uploaded media on the Website. However, if we notice any material that violates our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to eliminate the controversial content. You may contact us in case you have any complaints regarding our actions.


Age Minimum

To become a Media School student, you must be at least 18 years old. For minor individuals, we require the presence of a parent or guardian during the registration at Media School courses.

Acceptance of Our Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy

By continuing to use Media School website, features and/or services, you accept our terms and conditions, Privacy Policy as well as any changes that we may introduce.

Photography and Video Recording Notice

By attending any Media School program or event, you are aware that photography, audio and video recording may take place.  

By entering any event premises at Media School, you consent to photography, audio and video recording, interview(s) and the exhibition, publication, reproduction and release of all the collected material for the purposes of webcasts, telecasts, news, promotional campaigns, advertising, and other purposes initiated by Media School, our affiliates and representatives. You agree to release the Media School, all the teachers, employees and every person associated with our school from any potential liability that connects with the recording, digitizing, taking, publishing and using the material for any purpose related to Media School.

By entering any event premises at Media School, you waive the rights to any payment claims connecting with the exhibition, webcasting, streaming, televising and publishing the collected material in any case, regardless of the exhibition, broadcast, webcasting, and other publishing purpose, without any influence on whether or not the admission or sponsorship fee is charged. You also waive the right to examine or approve any photo, audio or video recording taken by Media School or a representative person.

Graduate Submissions

Media School allows our graduates to submit videos and other communications, as well as share, publish and host those Graduate Submissions. The graduates take those actions at their own risks and Media School is not responsible for the confidentiality and privacy of the submitted material, even if it’s published on our Website. The user (you) is the only responsible for the proprietary Graduate Submissions, as well as the potential consequences of sharing that material on this Website. By submitting material to our Website, you warrant that you are the sole owner of the submitted material; you hold all the rights and permissions to use the submitted material; you give us the authorization to utilize your Graduate Submissions for the necessary actions on-site. You also warrant that you have a written permission and/or consent from each person that may be identified in your Graduate Submission in the form of names or likeness of that individual person.

You will remain the sole owner and hold all the rights over your Graduate Submission. Moreover, by publishing/sharing your Graduate Submissions on this Website, you grant Media School to use, distribute, reproduce and display your content as Graduate Submissions, connecting to our Website/business. In addition, you grant each user an access to your submitted material through this Website. They are also enabled to use, distribute, reproduce and display Graduate Submissions through Media School Website, under the present Agreement.

Media School does not warrant an exclusive review of each and every Graduate Submission prior to its appearance on this Website. Our “notice and take-down” policy specifies that we may eliminate your Graduate Submission after noticing controversial material that violates our Terms and Conditions. We can remove your Graduate Submission at any time, without prior notice. In case you have any complaint, you can direct to our customer support.

As a part of Graduate Submissions:

  • You warrant that you will not publish/share any copyrighted material, unless you own the rights over the content you submit or you have a written permission of the third party that grant Media School the license rights.
  • You warrant that you will not submit inaccurate, misleading material that could harm Media School or any third party.
  • You warrant that you will not publish any material that could potentially be unlawful, threatening, defamatory, pornographic, harassing, ethnically or racially offensive, or material that encourages problematic behavior that could lead to a criminal offense or violate any law, or submit any material that is inappropriate.
  • You warrant that you will not submit advertisements.
  • You warrant that you will not impersonate a different person.


Media School does not accept any responsibility for a potential harm of your computer system that could occur after accessing our Website. You must ensure that your access to the Website is safe and secure by taking certain precautions that will avoid any risk of viruses or similar types of harmful objectives.

Although all the information on this Website is reviewed and posted carefully, Media School does not warrant adequacy or accuracy of any information you may find on this Website. We also do not warrant to keep the Website up-to-date at any time. Therefore, Media School does not accept any responsibility for consequences that may occur due to your reliance upon the accuracy of information found on this Website.


In case you utilize any trade mark referring to our activities, services or products, you are obligated to include a statement that attributes the utilized trade mark. You are not allowed to use our trademarks in your own trade marks (as a part or as a whole), in any activities, services or products that do not belong to Media School, in a way that could be misleading, confusing or deceptive, in a way that disparages Media School or information from our Website, our services or products.


We will provide you with an access to our Website inclusively for your personal use. The only case where that may change is if we agree differently beforehand. Without a written permission that only Media School may provide to you, you are not allowed to on-sell or use commercially any of the information from this Website.

Linked Websites

You may find links to other Websites on this Website that are provided inclusively for the convenience.

Media School is not responsible for any content of the linked Websites, nor their privacy practices.

The links found on this Website should not be interpreted as any type of approval, preference or recommendation of those linked Websites by Media School.

Media School does not have a relationship with the operators or owners of the linked Websites and we do not control or keep the rights over the linked Websites; unless we state the opposite on this Website.

Privacy Rights of the User

All the personal information that you provide to us will strictly be used in accordance with the Media School Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy applies only to this Website, not to any third party Websites.

In accordance with the Media School Privacy Policy, we will use your personal information only if you gave us an authorization; if we notified you beforehand and you allowed our utilization of your data; if we must use your personal data to assist a national security or a law enforcement executives; if we are required, authorized or permitted to disclose your personal information by law.

Information Security

We cannot guarantee that all the data transmissions through our Website are safe; internet, generally, does not guarantee a total security. Although we pay a special attention to the protection of your personal data, we cannot warrant the security of any information provided to us. Therefore, you share all the information with us at your own risk. In any case, Media School takes all the existing security measures to save your information in the best way we can.  

Governing Law

The present Terms and Conditions are governed by the current laws of  Curaçao. By proceeding with the utilization of this Website, you agree the submission to the exclusive jurisdiction of its Courts.


The user (you) agrees to indemnify us, our directors, representatives, agents, and representatives from any potential demand or claim against us that could be made by third parties or could be associated with your utilization of this Website.