Videography Price Range

It is difficult to set a price range for a videgrapher as those prices depend on
circumstances and requests. In any case, I will try to help you understand the regular pricing in
Caribbean, especially in Curacao.
The most relevant factors that determine the value of the product are:

1. Quality
2. Gears
3. Experience



Nowadays, everyone calls themselves a cinematographer or videographer. By having a decent camera or
a good smartphone, everyone considers themselves a professional. However, those self-claimed experts
need to learn a lot more than they can imagine. I worked as a wedding videographer for almost 10
years. Although I loved that job, I opted for teaching and now I don’t have time to do it like before. Also,
with the technology development and many creative young people in Curacao, I must admit that there
are many videographers that work way better than I did at the time.
With my experience and knowledge in the field, I can share with you some cost-related advice and tips.
The crucial factors that determine the price range for a wedding videographer in Curacao:

1. How many cameramen are coming?
2. How long will the end products be?
3. Do you want to have the raw material? (Most videographers don’t share raw files but you
can ask for it).

In Curacao, the average cost for a wedding videographer is around 2800 ANG ($1500). That package
usually includes two cameras and is valid for the entire wedding day. While this is the average price,
there are many videographers that charge much more and also those that charge less; it all depends on
your agreement.
When hiring your videographer in Curacao, make sure your style matches the style of the professional
you are hiring. Also, don’t forget to ask for the portfolio and discuss important matters regarding your
You can use the same questions that we added in 5 Crucial tips you need to know before hiring a


Do not take any risks on your wedding day or any important event!. Hire a photographer/videographer that you absolutely trust.
Discuss the price carefully but don’t let it be the crucial factor for your decision.
If you need a list of the best videographers in Curacao, please send us an email at and we will send you our top picks shortly.